l'enfer, c'est les autres.

my ebook of unseen academicals has NO FOOTNOTES.
i sit down to a nice bar of chocolate and my terry pratchett, only to have my dreams of silent rumbling laughter (giggle jiggle, for those of you in the know) and warm melt-in-my-mouth chocolate goodness dashed at the very first line. the very first one.
a little asterisk after a seemingly-ordinary phrase (It was midnight in Ankh-Morpork's Royal Art Museum*) that mocks me with its promise of more. ...what royal art museum? art by royalty? royalty as subjects of art? or perhaps there's no real connection at all between the royalty and the art. perhaps some little old queen just inaugurated it once, a long time ago. maybe the wind flew up and revealed her yellow polka dot panties as she did it, resulting in a tremendous scandal. maybe she wasn't wearing panties at all. maybe it's performance art. if so, was there a butt double? maybe there was once a shootout there, a bit like the one at the guggenheim in the international. maybe.
what was terry pratchett trying to tell me, damn it?
whatever it is, i. is. wanting. to. know.
even the next line (Glenda sleeps in an ancient iron bed.*). there are so many possibilities for interesting stories about beds that i don't even know how to express in words how i feel about the lack of said accompanying footnote. it breaks my heart a little, that. it really really does.
someone (THIS person) shall have to answer for this.

more later.


  1. It has come to this. Woman, give us a REAL blog post already :D

  2. lol. i am so damn lazy, i don't even know what to do anymore. but soon, i promise. soon.

  3. oh, but note little little changes in blog. that's always a good sign. i've updated my profile a teeny-tiny bit, my picture, my music list, and my followers. more revolutionary change to come soon. like (gasp!) a real post.

  4. are you fucking with me! that is low! that is dastardly!

    are you (o, let it not be so!) accusing me of playing mindgames with readers, by using misleading punctuation? (no! how could you!)

    as MUCH fun as it sounds, i had neither the means nor the imagination to edit PDFs. :(

    maybe this is an initiative of the great pratchett himself?

  5. i blame you and your black market sources!

    ...only so there's someone upon whom to vent my rage and frustration.

    it is a great Sadness, dibbaling.

  6. Ha ha ha... I was thinking you subtly mocked Spaz in here somewhere :D

  7. Or don't blog. Dibba's regular comments here are quite amusing.

  8. damn it, i need to put in comment moderation.

    sully not my blog with your work-avoidant boredom! and fyi, you're not as amusing as the chinese spammers - so there. bah.

    but i will, soon!

  9. and also - @dibba - your comments were wasted because i didn't even remember my blog address. so booyah.

  10. I can vouch for that. I gave her her own blog url. Tch.

    Word verification- kitiotox. I can only think of detox for cats. Hm.

  11. see if i wanted you to blog that desperately, i would have emailed you. But once I left a comment here, i realised how funny it would be if you opened this blog in 2050 or thereabouts and found 50 odd comments from me simply saying 'blog' or (obscene) variations thereof.

    The last comment would be a link to my obituary in the paper, put in by divi.

    So understated. So noir. So cool. No? :)


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