of pillow fights to avril lavigne, flailing legs and war-like screams.

not to mention truly dumb dumb charades and britney spears / guilty pleasure music marathons. mashed potatoes and almost taboo. participants shall remain unnamed to protect reputations all around. instead i dub thee as follows:

the monster Baby

simply put: the Legs flailing

the vaguely confused Screaming

the underservedly Unmolested video-ing

the vengeful Pacifist singing

all those who need to know know what i'm talking about. ;)

perhaps something more profound to say later when i'm not quite as happily well fed and drawing such a goddamn blank.


currently: well-fed and lazy; gently rumbling tummies and happy sighs.

listening: what i like about you - the romantics.


the sound of silence.

i hurt myself today / to see if i could still feel the pain.

a shout out to mr. johnny cash. you sure know how to throw those words together.

currently: lying in bed.
listening: the sound of the fan spinning over my head.



things that seriously piss me off: the internet, 'ciao.', dust, the WTO, hope, money, mustard yellow, frailty, politics, writer's block, human beings in fucking general. oh, and did i mention the inter-fucking-net?
currently: red satin, lace, raj bhala, and i have launched an all-out war against the WTO. die, die, die. there will be foosball and omelettes involved.
listening: go home, get stoned - hinder. excellent fuel for headbanging and evil plots.