of pillow fights to avril lavigne, flailing legs and war-like screams.

not to mention truly dumb dumb charades and britney spears / guilty pleasure music marathons. mashed potatoes and almost taboo. participants shall remain unnamed to protect reputations all around. instead i dub thee as follows:

the monster Baby

simply put: the Legs flailing

the vaguely confused Screaming

the underservedly Unmolested video-ing

the vengeful Pacifist singing

all those who need to know know what i'm talking about. ;)

perhaps something more profound to say later when i'm not quite as happily well fed and drawing such a goddamn blank.


currently: well-fed and lazy; gently rumbling tummies and happy sighs.

listening: what i like about you - the romantics.


  1. I deserved the protection. You now have a 7 minute long video that's hilarious and which guys would kill to see :P Ah yesterday was TOO much fun :D Shall do at least once in two weeks.
    - deservedly Unmolested video-er

  2. i arrived at mine by elimination.

    my screaming was NOT vague or confused. it was a war cry, in the proud tradition of all war cries.

    also i think i was toying with the idea of frightening you off simply by yowling. :)

  3. @ dibba - lol. if blind furry moles scampering about's confusedly mewling screaming can be termed war cries, then yes. you were the scariest of the lot.

    @ divvy - considering there was simply an oversdose of legs, heaving boobage, and slipping red satin in that room, that video is under federal protection. to guarded at all times.

  4. @ revel, you're telling the wrong person! :D
    when you guys are rich and famous I plan to use it to blackmail you (after editing the flailing legs of course) Muahahahahahaha!

    the title is brilliant :D I don't even mind that it rhymes :P
    also we seem to have voluntarily identified ourselves except Hakuna of course..... umm... ooops!)

  5. @ ramsub - we need to have an emo mime to welcome to my life. =)

  6. Ok, my identity is revealed, if not obvious, by simple elimination.

    Rumbling tummies? Really? Sounds very mess food.


sigh emo-ishly along.